You know you are one...

“You know you’re an exchange student when…”

1. Before waiting to see if anyone understood what you meant, you start acting it out.

2.  You spend a lot of time smiling, nodding, and pretending you understand what’s
going on.

3. You classify ”doing your homework” as translating half of it. And that alone took three hours.

4. You sometimes use the excuse ”Sorry, I don’t understand” to avoid answering aquestion… even if you do understand.

5. You want to hug the people who attempt to speak your native language to you.

6. You’ve called every person who says ”hi” to you your friend… because you don’t really have any yet.

7. You’ll read anything in your native language just to have something to read… even packaging labels.

8.  Your dreams are bilingual.

9. Sometimes it takes you about 5 minutes to remember a word in your native
language that you were going to use.

10. You begin to enjoy foods that you had previously despised at home.

11. It becomes a habit to introduce yourself by saying: ” I am from (country) and my

name is (name).”

12.  You have been put in one or more classes with lower classmen, because you’re
supposed to understand more there. (not really but yeah still..)
13. You are always counting the time difference between where you are and home.
14. You do something wrong and people look at you weird, your excuse is ”That’s how
we do it in my country” even if it isn’t.
15. You have gone in to greet someone with a shake of hands and find yourself being
pulled into an awkward hug.
16. You carry a dictionary or translator as well as a camera in your bag.
17. Peoples stares don’t bother you anymore.
18. You at least miss 2 months of school because of traveling or just because of that ‘I don’t feel like going today…’ (haha njaa nej verkligen inte).
19. You’re so used to another culture and language that your home country is a distant memory. (och inte riktigt här heller)


Naw inte känner du så väl?


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